Three healthy recipe ideas from Brazil

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The Starter

Empanadas, with a ground meat filling are truly typical for Brazil. You can buy the dough ready-made in specialty stores, and then fill it with all kinds of delicious ingredients like ground meat, olives, onions, eggs and strips of bacon. For a special Brazilian touch, you should include typical spices such as pepper, paprika, chilli, and marjoram. Firstly, you braise the finely-chopped bacon and diced onion in hot oil. Then add the ground meat and braise it with the bacon and onions. Then season with pimento, paprika, salt and pepper. Finally, chop the hard-boiled egg and the olives finely, and mix them in with the other ingredients. Roll out the dough on your kitchen worktop, and stamp out small discs. Divide the filling between the discs, fold them together, and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

The Main Course

Fish is a mainstay in the Brazilian diet. For that reason this marinated fish recipe is bound to taste delicious. It is marinated in garlic, lime, salt and a little soya oil. You can use any kind of fish. This fish is best served with vegetables. White cabbage, sweet corn, spring onions, sweet potatoes and okra are particularly well-suited. You can simply wash them, and chop them roughly. Then you slowly simmer all the vegetables in a pan. To enhance the taste, add coriander, chilli, hot peppers, tomato paste, and last of all fish stock. Finally, add the fish pieces with the marinade to the saucepan, and simmer for 10 minutes. You can also add shrimp.


The Dessert

People with a sweet tooth will be delighted by a coconut pudding. To conjure this up, you have to mix grated coconut and milk together, after you have greased eight small molds and sprinkled them with sugar. Then quickly whisk together butter, sugar, vanilla pulp, and a little salt, until it is foamy. Then mix in egg yolk and grated coconut. Whisk the remaining egg white with a little sugar until it becomes stiff, and bake in the oven for 45 minutes. You can serve exotic fruits with this dish.

These Brazilian recipes will certainly give your palate a treat, and the dishes are also very healthy, thanks to the use of a variety of hot flavors, spices and a lot of fish. For more recipes you can check out our other articles in the eat well section.

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