4 beauty-boosting spa treatments you need to try this summer

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There’s more to spas than sweet, sweet relaxation. Setting aside time for spa sessions is a perfect way to reconnect with yourself (safe from emails), detoxify and get into shape.

If you’re a creature of habit and tend to bolt straight for the jacuzzi the moment you throw on your swimsuit (we’re all guilty), take advantage of the facilities and treatments to maximise the beauty and fitness benefits of your next spa experience.

For flexibility: Thai massage

If you’re feeling a little stiff from working out, taking advantage of this treatment can promote flexibility and wellness through yoga poses, stretching and delicious massage.

A proper Thai massage can melt away everything from headaches to inflammation. It’s more precise and energising than traditional massage, meaning areas of pain or tension are opened up and stimulated in order to heal.

Try it: Holmes Place Spa offers two kinds of Thai massage. The first, Ayurvedic, relaxes the muscles and joints, increases immunity and invigorates the body and mind. Shiatsu (meaning finger pressure), on the other hand, focuses on specific points of the body to restore health.

For the skin: Facials & body scrubs

With summer around the corner, getting our skin looking and feeling radiant is top priority. Besides feeling wonderful, body scrubs and facials remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the skin - unclogging pores and exposing your skin’s underlying healthier layers. The firm, circular motions involved also improve circulation, creating light and elasticity to your face, neck and body.

Try it: Ancestral Facial Rituals include caviar extract and 24 carat gold alloy for anti-wrinkle treatment and skin restoration. Or give the Smooth Skin body scrub a go - smoothing and nourishing your skin with shea butter and volcanic particles just in time for warmer days.

For total detox: Physical therapy

Feeling sluggish? A little weary? That’s usually your body signalling the need for a detox. Full body treatments use advanced massage techniques to eliminate toxins; stimulating your mind and body through relaxation, balance, muscle tension and respiratory control.

Try it: Go for the ultimate detoxification by booking up for one of our physical therapy sessions. Lymphatic drainage is a specialised, gentle type of skin massage that encourages extra lymph fluid to move away from swollen areas. Or, if you’ve pushed yourself with cardio recently, our intense sports massage leaves you feeling brand new.

For pain relief: Hot stone massage

Many people see hot stone massage not as a luxury but as a necessity to maintain optimum wellness. Originally used by Native Americans to treat aching muscles, the practise of hot stone massage provides a sedating, analgesic effect. It expands the blood vessels, soothing pain and promoting that much-needed deep relaxation.

Try it: If you’re yet to try Stone Spirits therapy sessions, you’re missing a multitude of benefits. The heat released from mineral-rich volcanic stones reduces muscle spasms, increases circulation, boosts metabolism and comforts aches and pains.

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