5 Motivational Tips: The Difference Between “Must” and “Want”

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A positive attitude is crucial, not just for our inner sense of well-being, but also just for mastering new everyday challenges – be it at work, at home or in other areas. Any inner weakness can easily be overcome with a positive outlook – not just in sports.

1) The main question for keeping up: Even to get started in sports, can mean an inner struggle for many. Usually, that’s a winnable battle. Although at some point, even the most determined reach a plateau where progress is hard to see and the hurdles get taller. One important aspect that can help you stay motivated and bridge those moments is your inner attitude. Simply ask yourself the question: Do I have to, can I, may I or do I want to?

2) You don’t have to “you must”: Anything we have to do, tends to go against our will. If whatever we basically force ourselves to do even requires the slightest bit of motivation, then it starts getting difficult. A “must”, rarely ever is the best prerequisite for achieving any progress in sports. With “can”, “may” or “want”, that all gets much easier: If there’s something I just can do, then it usually happens because I want to do it, too. If on the other hand, I’m allowed to do something and I do it, then it’s also because, I choose to do so. Only the “must”, works like a red flag for your motivation.


3) Check your attitude: When the next motivational low threatens, take some time to explore your feelings to find out what the problem might be. Is your attitude still full of conviction? Do I “want to” improve my fitness or do I “have to” do it, for whatever reason without really wanting it?

4) Remembering your goals: If at the end of your musings, there really is a, “I have to do it for whatever reason”, then even that’s not an unsolvable problem. For things we have to do, usually have an overriding goal that needs to be achieved. And our goals, usually are things that we actually want to achieve. Unfortunately, sometimes we tend to forget this goal, so it loses its motivational impact in the daily troubles and strives. So it’s best to keep the focus on your goals, remember them and consciously decide to reach them, once more. Philosophy can revive your will in focusing back on a positive, “can do” attitude.

5) Groups help: On your own, it’s usually harder to stay motivated. In that regard, humans really are something like herd animals, so let yourself drift and go with the flow in a group class. This will help every one of us rise to a higher level.

Please feel free to share this article with your friends and family and your experiences with our readers, as motivation is something all of us can struggle with from time to time.

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