7 home remedies to keep spring allergies at bay

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Spring is here and with it comes sunshine, warmer temperatures… and troublesome pollens. Allergies are in the air and they bring constant sneezing fits, runny noses and itchy eyes, much to the discomfort of 30% of us.

Over-the-counter medication is very effective but if you want to take a more natural, non-drowsy approach, try these natural remedies.

Three magical spices
A sprinkle of ginger, garlic and cayenne pepper can go a long way. These magic ingredients not only prevent allergies, they can relieve symptoms too, with the spicy nature of these ingredients helping to thin mucus.

Long, hot shower
Crank up the hot water and step in your shower for a lazy bathe after a long day. The steam will help clear your sinuses so you can breathe a little easier and the running water will wash clean any pollen still clinging to you.

When we are in a stressed state of mind, we become more susceptible to allergies. Why? When our cortisol levels are thrown into flux, it affects our immune systems. Making it more important than ever to get plenty of sleep and to take time out of our daily lives to meditate and clear our minds.

Bee pollen
Get to the root of the problem by sampling local bee pollen. Help to build up your immune system by exposing yourself to allergens pre-season. Simply sprinkle over greek yogurt or a steaming bowl of porridge.

Eucalyptus oil
The herbal scented oil is a common weapon in the battle against allergies, thanks to its ability to reduce inflammation. Just rub a little on your chest to help you breath that bit easier.

Flush your nasal passages
It’s not the sexiest of remedies, but nasal irrigation on a daily basis can really help you power through the allergy season. Keeping your nose clean and clear of mucus, a nasal irrigation pot allows you to pour liquid into one nostril, before it clears your passages and comes out of the other.

Spring clean
Pollen has a tendency to worm its way into your home - through open windows, doors, the bottom of your shoes... Plus, dust never helps anyone particularly susceptible to allergies. Vacuum and dust the house as often as you can to reduce indoor exposure.

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