7 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

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1.Avoid the sunshine!

Unfortunately, the sun has been proven to be the #1 factor in creating wrinkles. Sunbathing should be avoided as it can also contribute to causing skin cancer. At the very least, try to stay in the shadows and always wear good sun protection, as it can help reduce the sun’s negative effects.

2.Avoid smoking!

More and more studies are pointing to cigarettes turning your skin not only greyish, but allowing you to visibly age, too.

3.Sleep enough and preferably on your back!

If you are lacking in sleep, your body will produce the hormone cortisol, which breaks down skin cells, thus causing wrinkles. Position matters though: sleeping on your sides regularly can cause permanent “sleep lines” on your cheeks and chin, whereas sleeping on your belly can cause a “furrowed brow”.


4.Prevent squinting!

If you have trouble reading, don’t hesitate to wear glasses as squinting can cause wrinkles around your eyes. Outside, remember to wear sunglasses to avoid both squinting and the sun’s negative effects as described in point no.1.

5.Don’t sleep with make-up, but don’t over-wash your skin either!

Both can dry out the skin, thus promoting wrinkles. Tap water can strip your skin of its natural oily barriers and moisture. Avoid soap that doesn’t contain a moisturiser, and use a moisturiser after washing your face.

6.Eat more soy and salmon!

Protein is crucial for building beautiful skin. Plus, fatty acids like omega-3 will help keep your skin looking fresh and young. Some recent studies even suggest that soy can help some of the photo-aging damage the sun has already done to your skin!

7.Drink enough water!

It will aid in keeping your body moisturised from the inside.

Remember, wrinkles can develop from sleeping positions, exposure to the sun or something as simple as squinting. The good news is that these are all things you can easily avoid: by sleeping on your back, applying a sunscreen, and/or wearing glasses. Best take this list along when you are going on your summer vacation, and share it with your younger friends, who are wondering why they are starting to look older than you.

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