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The Right Sportswear is Not Just Practical

You should only buy sportswear which has an exact fit, and in which you feel comfortable. Which sportswear is the right kind depends on the type of sport you do, and whether you do it in winter or in summer: joggers, for example, require light close-fitting clothing. Footballers, on the other hand, require more robust clothing. When it comes to materials, you can choose between microfiber and other special artificial fibers such as, special cotton.

The Advantage of these Materials

They are breathable, and often also provide outer protection from ultra-violet rays and water/sweat. Microfiber sport fabrics, diverting the lower layer of sweat and excess body heat away from the body, thereby preventing dangerous heat build-up. In the winter, the body heat accumulated between the layers of material keeps you comfortably warm, and thus prevents colds and those uncomfortable sore muscles.

Some sportswear is specially tailored: cyclist clothing, for example, is designed to include a reinforced headwind-resistant front part. If you do outdoor sports in summer, you must take care to protect yourself sufficiently from the sun. Robust high-quality footwear is also very important, as the risk of injury from low-quality sports shoes is very high. The best footwear has a well-sprung sole and is wide enough especially around the toes, and provides a healthy environment for the feet.


Get the Right Sportswear from Under Armour

In our clubs, you will find a wide selection of women's and men's sportswear made by the American sportswear manufacturer Under Armour, which you can try on, feel and take home with you. Under Armour is renowned for its thermal wear made of special cotton and artificial fibers (Heat Gear and Cold Gear). Its sportswear is also a must for fashion-conscious sportsmen and sportswomen, with its trendy design and lollipop colors – but you should come in and see for yourself.

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