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Female, the wrong side of twenty, and still a slim and beautiful body? Hollywood superstar Cameron Diaz is living proof that this is not impossible, even at 41. And all this without the help of Botox or plastic surgery – at least according to her. But one thing is certain: Cameron's perfect figure is not simply a gift from above. She has to work at it.

In the past, this famous blonde suffered from acne. Diaz attributes it to a dreadful diet: lots of fast food and fatty food. She changed her diet completely, ate more healthy food, and began to do regular sport. And look and behold, her body changed, her skin became smooth and taut. Taking this revelation as a wake-up call, Diaz vowed from then on to eat healthily!

In her case this means: water, lemons, protein and vegetables.


Excuse me?

After getting up, instead of coffee, the actress drinks as much water as possible, because she maintains that the body dehydrates during the night. In this way she can get into her stride quickly, and no longer feels tired. The film star has also banished honey and jam from her morning diet, as sweet foods raise the blood sugar level. She now eats porridge with courgettes instead – you don't have to like it, but it is very satisfying and reduces your appetite until midday. The “Cameron Special Surfer Breakfast” also sounds very special: garlic rice with broccoli, eggs, lemon and chicken. Whatever you fancy!

Apart from this, lots of still water – drink, drink, drink! A dash of lemon juice with it is also good. Diaz sees this bright yellow fruit as an all-rounder: rich in calcium, vitamin C and magnesium. A splash of sourness on salads, warm dishes or desserts is a matter of course for her.


The Hollywood beauty keeps her body trim with a balanced program of sport: Jogging, Pilates and weight lifting. In the meantime, she has indeed become a real fitness fanatic, and loves to sweat, and boost her circulation, according to Diaz. She also really enjoys water sports like surfing. A shrewd strategy, as a broad and balanced program like this comprises everything you need to toughen your body. The mixture of targeted workouts, cardiovascular training and endurance sport results in more effective fat-burning and muscle building, and improves your general fitness with an added feel-good factor.

However, the blonde star advises you not to overexert yourself when doing sports. It is better to do shorter sessions, spread throughout the day. If your body is totally burnt out, or you even have to contend with nausea after a hard workout, you are not doing yourself any favors. Sports should be healthy, and contribute to your feeling of well-being. Short training sessions can also be incorporated into your daily routine. For example while brushing your teeth: Simply stand on your tiptoes and tense the buttocks – every little bit counts. Or go on and just dance wildly. Cameron certainly does this, with her Cuban roots, she has lots of rhythm in her veins. Coincidentally, this has a positive side-effect. The pounds simply melt away.

So you can also achieve all this without a Hollywood beach. Keep doing a variety of sports, and pay a little more attention to eating a healthy diet. A woman does not have to eat lemons and garlic every day to drive the men wild.

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