Is the sun friend or foe?

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You should protect your skin, hair and eyes from the ultra-violet rays it emits. If you neglect your skin over a long period of time, this could eventually cause skin cancer. Your hair can also become bleached, and your eyes can suffer damage as well.

Let the Sun into Your Heart

When the skin absorbs vitamin D from sunlight, it produces a good after-product effect for our health. Furthermore, there is nothing more beautiful and more erotic than a suntanned body. If you also get your body into shape by doing sports, next summer can turn into a dream summer. So just go out into the sun and enjoy sunbathing. If you use suntan lotion, condition your hair, and wear sunglasses, then there is nothing to stop you getting a sexy tanned summer body. The sun will become your friend. Let the sun into your heart.

Guard Against the Harmful Effects of the Sun

To achieve this, you should begin the summer season with care, by avoiding sunburn, and protecting your hair and eyes. Those who want to look fit and sexy in summer, cannot and do not want to go without a healthy suntan. Therefore, you should apply suntan lotion regularly on your skin when sunbathing, and always have a T-shirt ready to slip on. To begin with, you should only stay in the sun for short periods, and take notice of your body's warning signs, because when your skin gets too red and starts to become painful, means your skin has not yet adapted to being exposed to so much sunlight, and you were in the sun's rays for too long.


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Posted in Wellness