Should I train after partying?

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The best solution after a night out is to get rid of the toxins from the body during training. However, probably this is the last thing on your mind, when you are tired and little hangover. Nevertheless, you should know that:

Exercising will help you to eliminate toxins. If you feel very tired or experience low energy levels, do moderate exercise. I recommend swimming, treadmill or a cross trainer.

  • Remember that alcohol reduces your performance, so don’t try to train like on an ordinary day.
  • If you’ve had too much alcohol: drink water and isotonic drinks to replenish liquids and mineral salts. You are most probably dehydrated. And with exercise your dehydration will get even worse. This is why drinking water or isotonic drinks on such a day is FUNDAMENTAL.
  • If you are thinking about going to the gym without having any sleep, think again. It is preferable to rest! Always remember that rest is part of your training and it is necessary for your body to improve.
  • Go back to good eating habits as soon as possible: include fresh fruit juice and fruit in your breakfast, vitamin C and fructose will help your liver to decompose the alcohol. If your stomach can take it, have a French omelette, eggs contain amino-acids that dissolve alcohol and act as a purifier.

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This will definitely help you to feel more energetic and ready to face the day in a more positive way! For individual advice and in case of questions please contact our experts.

Laura Burstein
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Alegra, Spain

Posted in Wellness