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All included in your summer membership

If you don't leave town in Summer, Holmes Place is the place to be! Stay in the city, workout in the city and ENJOY summer!

Air-conditioned gym floor

air-conditioned gym floors
The hot temperatures of summer do not go hand in hand with intense, sweaty workouts, but you will find that our air-conditioned gym floors might just do the trick!

Outdoor activities

outdoor activities
We take pride not only in providing you with a great indoor fitness experience, but also in allowing you to enjoy your workout program outdoors. Our infrastructure offers you the best of both worlds.

Get a tan on the Terrace

After the workout you can relax on our terraces. Sun loungers, spectacular views and lots of sun await you, whether it's to sunbath, read a book or linger under the cool shadow of our sunshades!

Summer Parties

There is no time like summer to celebrate life! The Holmes Place Clubs will indulge in various festivities throughout the summer! Please join us - we would be delighted to have you!

Lake access / SUP

At Holmes you can literally DIVE into summer. Navigate the waters of our Zürich Lake while Stand Up Paddling or swimming thanks to the direct lake access of our club in Oberrieden.

Wellness & SPA

Wellness and SPA are core elements of Holmes Place and should never be renounced upon - not even in summer! Especially on those rainy summer days, our SPA is always a place to escape to.

Terms & Conditions

This offer applies only to 12-month or 24-month memberships at Holmes Place and is valid for non-members only.