Five ways enjoying fitness is like being in love

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Tummy butterflies, extreme joy and a yearning to be with that special someone? It must be love. Accomplishment, satisfaction and contentment? It must be fitness. You may not realise it, but the two are interlinked.

Exhilaration, euphoria, a racing heart. Being in love literally changes our bodies. It’s part of us and always has been, bonds help us survive. Another thing that’s part of human nature is movement - we were built to be active and the plethora of benefits that come with it prove that it’s crucial to wellbeing and fitness. But what makes the two similar? Here’s the facts.

1. It’s all in the chemistry

When we first meet someone special we know something is stirring with natural feelings we can’t ignore. This is the first feeling of love and is based on the chemistry we feel towards others. Say hello to dopamine and endorphins - natural ‘feel good’ chemicals produced when we feel overwhelming joy. And they naturally make us yearn for more. 

This can also be the same when we love fitness. It’s scientifically proven that we release endorphins when we exercise - and can become as addicted to it as we can be addicted to love. To put this into perspective look at the ‘runner’s high’ phenomenon, proven via imaging techniques with runners. The feelings of euphoria and addiction are documented - proving that regular exercise can make you feel less tired than you did before you started working out.

2. It sometimes works and it sometimes doesn’t

Ever been on a date and thought “I’m not quite sure about them, but I was attracted to them so I'll give it another go”? Then you go on another date and think you could be in love with this person, and then you go another another date with the same person and realise that chemistry isn’t quite right? Date after date, if you know that it just isn’t for you, you know. 

This can be the same for fitness. There are so many sports to choose from that that first initial feeling might not be the lasting feeling. It’s all about whether it’s right for you. You may have enjoyed one particular fitness class, but after going for several weeks it’s become taxing on your previously injured knee. Luckily for members of Holmes Place, our personal trainers can help you choose the right form of fitness which will bring a lifelong love of sport. 

Remember: 5 things happy people do.

3. Challenges: No love affair was ever easy and straightforward

The same goes for fitness. In matters of love, challenges should be tackled by both partners. This creates a stronger bond between lovers. Using the same idea with fitness will bring an overwhelming connection between you and your sport making you realise that it is working for you. If you’re strength training, for example, don’t be put off by one bad session. Shake off any feelings of failure and try again next week. What was once hard will become easy eventually.

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4. They can both hurt 

The old motto ‘no pain no gain’ is said time and time again in gyms. It can be the same when we’re in love. We sometimes have our hearts broken by a rejecting loved one, but it can make us stronger for our next experience. 

5. They both make you live longer

Did you know that your heart races three times faster when you see your loved one? The blood supply to your heart and other organs is increased with that love feeling. Being in a relationship reduces loneliness, makes us happy and helps us live longer. Fitness brings longevity of life, helps with the blood supply, overall improvement of health and even helps us look younger. 

It's time to fall in love - join Holmes Place today or, if you are already with us - visit your Club.

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