Why most people reach their fitness goals with a personal trainer

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It’s a question we hear time and time again: “Do I really need a personal trainer?”. If you’re serious about hitting goals, here’s why a PT can work wonders.

Everyone is ready to lose weight and get fit at the start of the year. But how many of these actually stick to a routine, regularly hitting the gym and aiming to reach their goals? 

Studies show that a whopping 80% of people who joined a gym in January quit in less than half a year. The same study showed that only half of gym members visited their local club 100 times or more during the year - and the number of members who were taking advantage of personal trainers was less than 13%. 

For those who do reach their goals - what is the common denominator? Impeccable disciple? Daily hikes to work? Or... a personal trainer? The results speak for themselves:

Why work with a personal trainer?

The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine conducted research into the effectiveness of personal training on changing attitudes towards physical activity. An impressive 73% of participants showed moved up a ‘stage’ in their progress after 10 weeks of working with a personal trainer. 

1. Personal trainers help you stay motivated

Whether your fitness goals are sports-driven, weight-related or striving for wellness, one-on-one interaction with a qualified personal trainer will help you keep them in mind. It’s your PT’s job to motivate you in a way you wouldn’t be able to do alone.

2. Personal trainers can educate you

PTs are trained to teach your about exercise - not just how you do it, but why. And since fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise, it’s important that nutrition and lifestyle are worked on with your personal trainer. What you put into your body is crucial to achieve your goals and many of us miss hidden calories we might be consuming, such as having a light salad for lunch and then drinking our calories in our two glasses of wine on an evening. Your PT will spot that in an instant.

3. Personal trainers can prevent injury

Having someone with specialist expertise in performing exercises and using equipment massively cuts the risk of you having an injury at the gym. Injuring yourself can set you back from your goals for months - countless people hurt themselves by working out incorrectly, impacting their health and fitness for long periods of time. 

4. Personal trainers create personalised training plans

There’s never one size fits all in fitness. A personal trainer will be able to tailor your workout plan to one that targets your problem areas and make sure you’ll enjoy it, too. They’ll work with you to ensure you have perfect form throughout (also preventing injury) and pick up on any bad exercise habits you’ve formed in the past.

5. Personal trainers are like unofficial therapists

Sure, a PT can help you create the body you want. But they can also boost your overall mental wellbeing. They care about your week - how stressed you are, if you’re at all unhappy - as mood and lifestyle massively impacts your motivation and energy in sessions. It’s not uncommon to let it all out to your personal trainer - like a free unofficial therapist.

Want to reap the benefits of PTs and start reaching your fitness goals? It’s important you find the right match. Ask for guidance in your club or read our useful guide on how to find the right personal trainer for you. Make the most of your time and effort, stay inspired and keep in shape - the facts and figures don’t lie. 

Posté dans Fitness and tagged Fitness, Personal Trainer, Training .