Yoga Mornings – Playlist

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Easy like a Sunday morning... every day. “Sounds like” a soft awakening and the beginning of a wonderful day with our Yoga Mornings-Playlist.

How to make you feel like it is always Sunday and that your mind and body are ready for some Yoga exercises? It's easy. Just listen to the music and go along with the calm flow of these songs. 

We start right away with a full classic, "Easy" by The Commodores, to make you sing "easy like a Sunday morning" and get you ready for the smooth exercises of Yoga, even if it is Monday or Tuesday.

We keep the soul flow with some new acts, like Jonathan Jeremiah and The Harpoonist And The Axe Murderer. There's also room for some songwriters that open their hearts and souls, with soft songs about love and loss that are perfect for the yoga exercises, like Damien Jurado, Katie Von Schleicher or  Haley Hendericksx. 

Because it is June, there's a sunny tune by Madrepaz, before we finish with one of the best covers ever, closing the cycle again with "Easy", with the voice of Mike Patton and Faith No More.

It's easy... just like a Sunday morning!

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Posté dans Playlist and tagged Playlist, Yoga , Meditation.