GRIT CARDIO WORKOUT | Holmes Place Zürich Crowne Plaza | 25.10.2018

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The 30 minutes high intensity interval training LES MILLS GRIT® Cardio, is the 30 minute high intensity interval workout through which you will increase your cardio-vascular fitness and your speed and you will excel your calorie consumption.

This workout contains a variety of exercises using your own bodyweight. It challenges you and is especially intensive in order to let you achieve fast successes. LES MILLS GRIT® Cardio – the innovative HIIT-workout with motivating music and instructors that train alongside of you and manage to get you close to your max so you will be fit fast.

Trial Session for free with an advance booking

New at Holmes Place Crowne Plaza every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 12:10 and Friday 18:30.

We have 25 spots available- please reserve your place at or call 0444048500.  

Date: oct. 25, 2018 - oct. 25, 2018

Time: 12:10 - 12:40

Capacity: 25

Club: Zürich Crowne Plaza

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