OPEN WEEKEND - INTRODUCING SENSOPRO | Holmes Place Oberrieden-Seepark | 09.03.2019

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Taking fitness to the next level. We have already had workshops on mental strength and development, but what about balance, proprioception and coordination? These are abilities we don’t often train. Think about it. Create your own longevity by limiting your likeliness of a slip in the shower, trip on the curb, or simple misstep.

SENSOPRO is coming to Seepark for a two month trial period. Come listen to Kasper, founder and owner of Sensopro, talk about its benefits in the gym on March 9th at 11am.



Date: Mar 09, 2019 - Mar 09, 2019

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Club: Oberrieden - Seepark

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