Six reasons to try Spartans

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Six reasons to try Spartans workout rope fitness gym equipment Holmes Place

Regular workout? Love a challenge? Thrive on thrashing it out to music in a good environment? Say hello to Spartans by Holmes Place. Here’s why you’ll love it.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of pushing yourself further physically. Spartans by Holmes Place is a 45-minute high intensity workout that sculpts, strengthens and tones your entire body. 

Spartans is designed for those who thrive on challenging group workouts, drawing on cardio, agility and power to create a workout that’s fit for an urban warrior. You already love high-intensity workouts: maybe it’s time to up the ante? Read on to see what the class entails (and why you’re going to be obsessed with it):

1. It’s designed for the modern day warrior:

Unlike the Greek Spartans who left their marks in history books, this workout is inspired with the urban warrior in mind. Those who want to prepare themselves for daily functional challenges by increasing resistance, strength and endurance. 

2. It’s all about the challenge:

Spartans is one of the most intense group workouts Holmes Place has to offer. Forget about those other ‘challenging’ classes you’ve tried before, this one will really test your abilities and push you to warrior level fitness. Power! 

3. It’s music to your ears:

With the modern-day go-getter in mind, Spartans brings a surge of added adrenalin in the form of music. These take you from the initial stage of activation through a five-stage circuit, which includes medicine balls, agility ladder, battle ropes and elastic tubes. Music will not only enhance the whole experience, but will inspire and motivate you to pump your way to peak fitness.

4. Pillars of strength:

Like any warrior, we all need mental and physical strength to survive - and modern society brings its own challenges. The Spartans workout requires full focus and high levels of energy for you to complete physical tasks with intense repetition - all of which reward with toned muscles and strength. Spartans has been created with the four human movement pillars in mind. These are: 

● Locomotion (body movement from one place to another in a given space)

● Pulls and pushes (using rubber bands)

● Level changes (lunges and squats) 

● Torso rotation

5. It’s full-on:

This super intense workout is what it says on the label, requiring full commitment in sessions and incorporating cardiovascular conditioning with drills inspired by volleyball, basketball and American football. Spartans includes sessions that require group interaction for the use of special equipment such as battle ropes (lots of fun). Needless to say, you’ll become tired of this workout.

6. Holmes is where the heart is:

Don’t doubt for a second that this high-intensity workout won’t have your blood pumping and heart pounding like you’ve never experienced before in a Holmes Place group workout. Cardiovascular conditioning combined with resistance, strength and endurance training will leave you with that same feeling you get from a ‘runner’s high’. That well deserved, achieved accomplishment we all love.

Craving that Spartan-high? Read more about the power-building workout and book into a group class - then watch your body and mind grow from strength to strength.

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Gepostet auf Fitness and tagged Group Class, Fitness, Spartans, Workout.