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Ice ice baby

Ice Cream recipes

Cool off with these delicious, low-calorie & healthy ice cream recipes. Whether bananas, avocado honey, raspberry basil or protein ice cream. There is something delicious for everyone. True to the motto: EATING WITHOUT CHEATING

ice ice baby

Our Story

Holmes PLace

It all started in 1980 with one club in Chelsea, London. Set in a “cul-de-sac” the brand made its way up to cult and state-of-the-art as Allan Fisher, one of the original three founders, took over the enterprise.

Company Benefits

For Your Employees

Please read here all the information and offers from Holmes Place regarding corporate/company fitness. Either health days in your company or in one of our clubs - Our clubs are happy to give you detailed information fitting to your company.



Get inspired by the exciting stories of our members and start your own journey with us now.

woman fitness outfit outdoor smiling sunset | Holmes Place

Do it for yourself: 10 reasons to get in shape

Are you trying to get fit for the right reasons? Though the word ‘exercise’ has a single dictionary definition, our reasons for doing it spread far and wide - and go far beyond the mainstream goals of slimming down or toning up.
spa pool jacuzzi indoor club wellness | Holmes Place

Four free spa facilities you can enjoy at Holmes Place

Stuck in the city for the summer? Maybe it's time to enjoy some free SPA and indulge in your Club's summer mood.
Woman beach fitness outfit listening to music headphones sunset | Holmes Place

Ultimate summer sunset playlist

It's time to live the days that make the best memories with the right summer soundtrack.
woman crunches indoor gym fitness club personal training | Holmes Place

Abdominal fat and what to do about it - by MD Thordis Berger

All you need to know about abdominal fat... including how to get rid of it. Tips and advice by MD Thordis Berger.
Spa image | Holmes Place

Four free spa facilities you can enjoy at Holmes Place

One of the biggest perks of a Holmes Place membership is having access to all of our spa facilities.
Woman fitness outfit workout outdoor belly abs | Holmes Place

Five ways to boost your protein intake

Why should you care about making sure you get plenty of protein in your diet? Here’s the muscle-building nutrient explained - plus five ways to boost your intake.

Our Events

Zumba Party

Zumba Party im Holmes Place Bismarckstraße | 22.08.2018

PT Day | Holmes Place Essen Rüttenscheid

PT Day im Holmes Place Essen | 10.9.2018

Girardet Strasse 14, 45131 Essen
Outdoor Bootcamp Essen

Outdoor Bootcamp September Holmes Place Essen | 25.08 & 8.9 & 18.9 & 22.09.2018

Girardet Strasse 14, 45131 Essen