360-wellness: what is kinesiology and why do you need it?

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Think of yin and yang. One cannot exist without the other - and in order for energy to flow around the body, it needs to be in balance. It’s this theory, stemming from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), that combines with advanced muscle monitoring for the non-invasive holistic energy therapy we call kinesiology.

What is kinesis?

Put simply, kinesis is the way our bodies move around our environments and respond to stimulus. Rather than focussing on one single aspect of health, kinesiology looks at the body, mind and spirit as a complete whole. The theory dates back to the 1960s, combining physiology, psychology and biomechanical mechanisms of movement to work on every level of health.

How does kinesis work?

Balance in the body is explored in kinesiology - factors which affect us physically can have an effect on other parts of the body, mind and mood. For example, someone with chronic back pain could also suffer from depression, while a person with anxiety may develop digestive issues. In short, one problem may lead to another - so looking at the complete person is key to identify and treat problems.

To assess the body, kinesiology tests different muscles in the body to gain insight into the areas of stress and imbalance within the energy system and restore that yin-and-yang wholeness. The two main holistic theories within kinesiology are:

Energy meridians. Our meridian system, according to TCM, is the circulation of energy throughout our bodies. When balance of these systems is disrupted, poor health can occur. Muscle testing determines where these imbalances are in order to treat them.

The Triad of Health. This theory considers three main factors of health: our mental and emotional health, physical health, and diet. Each part of the triangle needs to be considered to identify the root causes of an illness or problem and rectify them.

Benefits of kinesis

  • Aids functional fitness with 360-degree range of motion
  • Combines cardio, strength and flexibility training in one short session
  • Improves sports performance
  • Helps to overcome aches and pains
  • Burns 30% more calories compared to traditional equipment training
  • Boosts mood and self-confidence for a whole state of wellness
  • Perfect for any age, shape or size
  • Emphasises importance of nutrition for wellbeing

Where to find a kinesis session and what to expect?

Here at Holmes Place, we offer a complete set of services for balanced health. Our qualified personal trainers are on-hand in many of our clubs to guide you through our Kinesis Free Motion technology and create a program tailored to fit you.

Gain strength and restore muscle imbalances and dysfunctions with our sleek machines and expert insight, whatever your experience. With various points of contact, you can challenge all areas of the body in large ranges of motion - there’s more than 250 different exercises to choose from. Our trainers will also recommend lifestyle changes, such as managing stress levels and eating right, to maintain health as a whole.

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