6 best gadgets for your workout

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Gone are the days where fitness tech was limited to a stopwatch and a set of scales. Today, we can take our pick of data-crunching, hyper-social, uber-immersive gadgets, which are completely evolving the way we workout. From slimline wearables to underwater headphones, we’ve rounded up the six smartest gizmos for body-betterment.

For pool-proof music: Bragi The Dash Pro

If you’re prone to getting bored after half a dozen lengths, a swimming soundtrack may be the perfect solution. Since water and iPods tend not to mix, waterproofing music players has been a long time coming. Get yourself a pair of these watertight in-ear pods, with crystal clear sound and five hours of battery life from a single charge.

For all-day activity: Fitbit Flex

This slinky little number tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, hourly activity and time spent sat on the sofa (i.e. stationary time). But it’s not just about monitoring daily movements - the newest design comes kitted out with advanced updates, including an automatic sleep tracker. It’ll monitor the amount of time you spend in light, deep and REM sleep so you can work towards getting quality rest - and better workouts.

For a mini motivator: Apple Watch (Series 2)

Apple have been leading the workout gadget industry for a long time now, but the second edition of the Apple Watch is one of the best fitness all-rounders you can clip to your wrists. One dazzling new feature - it’s completely waterproof for 50 metres, meaning you can track your swimming and don’t have to worry about losing count of your lengths. It’s packed with motivating gizmos that spur you to get up off the sofa to get active and comes equipped with a heart rate sensor and in-built GPS, too.

For smart strength training: STRENX by GYMWATCH

So you’ve got a wearable for all kinds of cardio, but what about free weights? This handy bit of tech straps to your arm or leg while performing free weights, gym machines or bodyweight exercises. It’s essentially the robot replacement for a gym buddy, analysing your movements and providing instant feedback to make sure you’ve got your posture, grip and pace 100% perfect.

For a killer physique: Skulpt

By measuring muscle mass and body fat percentage directly, this innovative performance system brings science-driven data to the masses - not just athletes. Unlike the more traditional fitness trackers, the device tracks 24 muscles around your body with laser-like accuracy. Watch as a heat map is displayed with your strongest muscles and the areas that need more focus. Before your next gym session, the app will have suggested personalised workout routines based on your muscle quality and body fat percentage.

For data-driven sport: Zepp

Get digital with your favourite sport - this training device is attached to sporting equipment, including baseball bats, golf clubs, tennis rackets and footballs to track the game you’re playing. The football kit will take note of every kick and sprint as well as distance and top speed, thanks to sensors attached to your calves. You’ll even be able to play back highlights of the game, such as that goal-scoring glory or hole-in-one victory.

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