A Few Tips Before Your First Spinning Class

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indoor cycling class

Let's get ready for your cycling class.

If you like to spend time in a dark studio with lights in various colours and amazing energetic music. Would you like to feel the same cool atmosphere as if you were at a great party? Spinning, is a highly effective group cardio workout on a stationary bike all under the supervision of experienced trainers to motivate you and to push your limits. Spinning or indoor cycling, is appropriate for both men and women. Spinning, can maintain and improve physical fitness, maintain weight as well as helping to lose weight.

We can guarantee that it will improve your mood, too.

  • Begin gradually, keep your own pace according to your level. Do not push yourself too hard!
  • Increase the load and tempo gradually.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. You will work up a sweat during the ride. It is important to supplement the fluid continuously, so be sure to have a bottle of water with you, minimum of 0.7 l.
  • Do not go to a class on an empty stomach. You'll need a lot of energy, but never eat just before. Avoid heavy and fatty foods!
  • We recommend comfortable sports clothes and footwear.
  • Bring a small towel to wipe away sweat.
  • At the beginning of each class warm up for at least 10-12 minutes, after a good warm-up you can enjoy the spinning class to the fullest.
  • If you want to lose weight, it is necessary to watch your pulse, we recommend this workout 3x a week using a sports tracker / heart monitor. Your instructor is the best person you can talk to concerning all the details of monitoring your performance.
  • Always stretch at the end of the lesson.
  • And finally, find the teacher and music that suits you, one that makes you want to come back, it is crucial to always have a great ride and workout experience!

See a schedule of our various spinning classes. Enjoy the best rides ever!

Posted in Fitness and tagged Indoor cycling, Spinning, Cycling class.