A guide to a toned stomach

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Learn the 4 simple exercises and begin to shape up.

1.Lie on your side, stretch both legs out and lay the upper one upon the lower one. Your head can be supported with a hand. Lift both legs upwards stretching slightly above the hips. Exercise repeat 8x pulling on each leg on each side. Keep up the same speed, make sure you sweat!

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2.Lie down with your loin pressed against the mat by drawing the belly inwards. Bring feet closer to the buttocks. With your hands behind your head, a torso flex is performed. The movement is continuous, you shouldn’t bounce. When you exhale your torso goes up, when inhale the torso goes down. The exercise is performed by pulling slowly 8x and 8x in tempo. Then release and repeat the whole series 4 times.

Add these activities to your current routine at least 3x a week. On Monday, try the gym; go to aerobics mix on Wednesday and Saturday meet a friend for a squash mini-tournament. This programme is guaranteed to increase your endorphin levels! And don't forget to add another activity for a flat belly:

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3.Lying on a mat lift both legs up. Don’t cross your feet, palms are along your body. Slowly lower and then lift your legs from the mat, up and down the movement is smooth and drawn out. It works the lower abdomen. Exercises should be performed in four series of eight.


And finally feel free to use this "six pack" inspiration. It is obligatory for anyone who takes their stomach seriously:

4.Lie down on a mat and bend up both knees. Buttocks glued to the mat, keep your feet as close to the buttocks as you can with your hands folded behind your back or along your body, rotating the torso up to either side of your outer knees (effectively a rotating sit-up). Exercises performed in four series of eight.

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Try it and you’ll feel the difference! For any assistance contact our Personal Trainers to make sure all exercises are performed in the most efficient way for you. And if this workout was not enough for you, get started with the next one and get strong and toned arms next.

Petra Tyrpeklová
Holmes Place Czech

Model: Lucie Adamcová, Personal Trainer

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