Celebrate Earth Day with these five active outdoor pursuits

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What better day to head outside and revel in the beauty of nature than Earth Day - a worldwide event aimed at channeling human energy towards environmental issues?

This year’s event, on Friday 22 April, marks the 46th anniversary of the event, designed to raise awareness of ecological and environmental issues and celebrate our planet’s natural beauty.

Here’s our top five active outdoor pursuits to help you celebrate Earth Day in the best possible way this year.

1. Kayaking

See some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes from an entirely new perspective. You can kayak along the coast, down rivers or in lakes, in white water or calm, depending on your competence and experience.

As well as being good cardio and a powerful upper body workout, kayaking can get you closer than ever to aquatic wildlife, including kingfishers, herons, water voles and even otters.

2. Fell running

One of the most intense outdoor pursuits, fell running isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Participants run hiking trails and other challenging outdoor routes that many walkers might struggle with. The good news is, you get to enjoy spectacular views and enjoy a hardcore workout far from the crowd.

If fell running seems a step too far for you, then a jog along a nature trail or even a long-distance hike can be equally beneficial for body and soul.

3. Mountain biking

The world’s coastlines and woodlands are playgrounds for mountain bikers. From technically challenging trials riding to fast-paced downhill racing, or simply gentle cycle-friendly trails, there’s something for everyone.

Grab your bike and a helmet and you’re off. Remember to take time to enjoy the view.

4. Bouldering

Other climbing disciplines call for ropes, rock anchors, karabiners and belayers but all boulderers need is a bag of climbers’ chalk and, occasionally, a crash mat.

Boulderers climb low, technical challenges where technique and foresight are more important than power and stamina. Happily, many of the best climbs are in the most beautiful places. Hunt online for clubs and climbs near you.

5. Tai Chi

A low-energy activity, tai chi is perfectly suited to the contemplation and enjoyment of nature.

Tai chi can help to improve core strength, balance and mobility and can also be used as a relaxation and breathing exercise for those suffering from stress, anxiety and other related mental health problems.

Outdoor tai chi classes take this relaxing form of exercise into the beautiful countryside - perfect for Earth Day.

Get involved with Earth Day: To lend your support to Earth Day, to discover events near you - or simply to find out more - visit the Earth Day Webseite.

Posted in Fitness