Class of the Month: Running

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Running is for so many of us the real “alone-time” we have. And we all know just how precious these moments are. A time away from work, friends and family... yes, we need it, as much as we love them. We need the time to switch-off everything else and tune-in with ourselves. This is what running does and because the body is focused on the repetition of movement, the mind is free to tackle and solve little issues, rearrange priorities and analyze goals, or even day dream and let the imagination benefit from all the extra oxygen.

Running can also be a great group activity and when you do it with friends, a class or a team your motivation will naturally increase. Your team will always support and encourage you to keep it up so you’ll be surprised by how often you surpass your own believes. Running with others is also an activity that will make you bond and aim for a common goal, and the feeling of completeness and success is only better when shared.

So, either alone or with friends, running will not only get you to feel better, with higher resistance and a stronger, healthier body, it will lead to balanced state of mind. Visit your Holmes Place Club to find the running clubs available for you.

Here are some starting tips developed with Holmes Place expert and running champion Maria Vasco:

  1. Start with a WARU (Walk - Run) technique. It is important not to set the goals too high in the first days. Went it’s time to walk, walk with a speedy pace.
  1. Boost yourself with music. Select you favorite songs and create a playlist with them, you’ll fell the motivation immediately.
  1. Get comfortable. It is important to have adequate footwear; sport sneakers with support will help you feel at ease.
  1. Select the best time of the day (preferably early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat) and elect safe areas to run.
  1. Get good hydration before, during and after, especially during the warmer days.
  1. Rest. You won’t want to conquer all in juts two days. Rest is necessary and will guarantee you get to your next training with willpower and full of strength.
  1. Track and register all your training in a diary, this will help you see your goals being accomplished and will keep you motivated.

Posted in Fitness