Exercise without injury: the importance of medicine in fitness and recovery

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Creating a sleeker, fitter, stronger version of you isn’t just about hitting the treadmill three times a week. Keeping your body in tip-top shape requires a balance of physical, psychological, nutritional and medical prowess, which is why Holmes Place incorporate the full circle into our premium service.

There could be a number of reasons why you’ve decided to get into shape. Perhaps you had a game of football with your grandchild and quickly got winded running down the field. Or maybe you bent over to tie your shoelaces and felt a tightness in your hamstring - smartly realising this was your body signalling a need for change.

It happens. As we get older, so do our bodies. But there’s still huge potential to remake your body - especially if you’re looking at how to recover from an injury, kickstarting a weight-loss journey or entering the fitness world later in life.

Exercise to prevent and recover

Whether you’ve joined the gym on a doctor’s order or want to prevent injuries that can come with regular training, making sure your physical health is properly looked after is fundamental to your fitness - especially if you have heart problems, weak joints and bones, or are exercising to get rid of excessive weight.

Our safe, physiotherapy-led approach is what sets us apart from regular gyms. Make sure you’re recovering from any sports injuries safely and avoid them in the first place with our team of licensed physiotherapists who deliver a personalized, top-level technical service. Our skilled team will work to improve your posture and reduce pain to make life that little bit easier. Here’s what our services cover:

  • Clinical rehabilitation. Whether it’s acute or chronic pain you’re suffering from, our tech-driven approach will help with conditions such as tendonitis, lumbago and arthritis for a better standard of living.
  • Functional prevention. Prevention is better than the cure - and we combine a range of treatments and techniques to correct disabilities and restore physical functions, making both day-to-day life and exercise easier.
  • Injury prevention. It takes more than warming up and cooling down to prevent injuries in the gym, especially if you’re older and more prone. Our physiotherapist will clinically evaluate your body with the objective of preventing tears and lesions in the future.

Three areas to focus your fitness

There’s plenty you can do to keep your body fighting fit yourself. Firstly, incorporate plenty of stretching exercises into your workouts - muscles shorten and tighten when you’re not using them, so working out can trigger injuries by pulling or tearing muscles.

Secondly, raise your metabolism and prevent age-related muscle loss with strength-building exercises. And thirdly - you guessed it - is our friend cardio. Whether you’re jogging, sprinting, cycling or swimming, aerobic exercise ups your lung function as well as your heart’s ability to pump properly. Just what the doctor ordered.

By focusing on these three important areas (the ones that tend to decline with age) you can improve your overall fitness and prevent injuries from happening.

Posted in Fitness