Five Konzept at Holmes Place

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Five Konzept

WHAT IS FIVE KONCEPT? With the special five-device course, the entire body is stretched and trained against its habits. The five concept is based on biokinematics: Many movements that used to be known as pain triggers are believed to help heal.


"Our vision is to generate a worldwide training movement that turns the conventional training theory upside down.The five method was developed on the basis of scientific findings.Our five-device course serves as a tool & tool for a balanced training We want to help trainers around the world to have a better quality of life and to contribute a little bit to the fact that "old thinking" is being reconsidered. "

You can use the Five Koncept devices in the following clubs. Talk to us directly in the club to get your introduction:

Unsere FIVE KONZEPT Geräte


Active longitudinal training of the entire rear muscle chain with the involvement of the foot muscles.

Five Konzept Ischio TRY


The five-Glut can release the tension in the entire buttock musculature and positively influence the mobility in the hip and knee joint.

Five Konzept Glut TRY


Active muscle length training focusing on the intercostal, thoracic and respiratory muscles.

Five Konzept Chest TRY


The five-multi forms a fixed unit of the five-course. Gladly, this can also be used as a room divider. Various five exercises & free exercises can be performed on the five-multi.

Five Konzept Mutli  TRY


Trains the hip-bending muscles in the hip extension and can thus influence the hip joint, the knee joint and the back.

Five Konzept Hip TRY

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Posted in Fitness and tagged Five Konzept, Training, Stretching, Ischio, Glut.