Get ready to snowboard!

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Are you a beginner on the slopes or preparing for your first snowboarding season?
Enjoy your anticipation without the fear of being injured. We have listed three simple exercises that will easily and quickly get you into the right snowboarding shape.

First, a little theory. Do you know which two parts of the body are providing the needed horsepower when it comes to snowboarding? They are primarily, the hamstrings (muscles on the back of the thigh) and your knees. Injuries occur most frequently in the knee and wrist areas. Your knees are especially vulnerable, because in most ski accidents, your knee will bend at an unnatural angle to your foot, (which is fixed in the binding), and your upper leg. This type of accident can cause irreparable, ACL and PCL injuries to your knee joints. It is important to have strong thigh muscles, otherwise, then they can easily snap.

In other words, winter fun is always the most enjoyable when you're best prepared. Our Personal Trainer Jan Skovajsa has chosen 3 basic exercises, which can quickly strengthen your muscles before this coming season.


This is one of the most comprehensive exercises! Squats, builds your leg strength, which provides stamina for snowboarding. It renders core strength for stability when steering and stabilizes knee support, which also strengthens tendons and helps muscles that support the knees.

For this exercise it is crucial to master the correct technique. Be inspired by children, when you look at a child squatting on the ground, that is how you should also do it. Children are usually intuitive about the correct squat technique. Try to copy this pattern and you will easily master a technically perfect squat.


2.Jump on step / bench

For more experienced snowboarders this is certainly a good exercise. It provides practice not only for falls, but also for ski jumps on a ramp or slope jumps on the mountain. If you are not an experienced snowboarder, we recommend jumping on boxes or step up's around 50-60 cm high, to obtain the maximum effect of exercise without injury.

3.Squats on a stabilizing pad.

A squat on the BOSU ball balance, or other balance equipment perfectly simulates a proper snowboarding posture. With this exercise, you work the same muscle groups needed for stabilization on a snowboard to gain speed.


Now you know how to enhance and strengthen your muscles and joints (1st exercise) and how to train stability and balance (2nd and 3rd exercises). But if you want to prepare for the winter season really well, do not hesitate to contact our Personal Trainers and create a training program tailored to your needs.

See you on the slopes!

Jan Skovajsa
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Czech Republic

Posted in Fitness