How to exercise with your best friend

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On days when you are feeling a bit sluggish, how can you say no to such a cute furry face? Read on for four great activities that you and your pooch can do together to stay healthy and happy.

There's nothing better than taking your pup out to enjoy the great outdoors. Hiking is a fantastic exercise because it challenges stabilizing muscles throughout your body to keep you balanced on the uneven terrain. Your four-legged companion will love being able to explore and discover all kinds of new smells. Feel free to set a pace that is comfortable for you, and be sure to bring plenty of water for yourself and for your pooch.

Stand Up Paddling
Stand up paddling has taken the world by storm and offers a great core workout. In addition to working to stay balanced on the board, you'll work up a sweat and get a great upper body workout as you paddle through the water. Your furry friend can sit or stand at the front of the board while you paddle or can jump off and swim along beside you. You may wish to invest in a doggy life jacket just in case your pup gets tired. As an added bonus, most jackets have a handle on the back, making it easier for you to help him back up onto the board.

Playing Fetch
At first thought, this may seem like more of a workout for your four-legged friend than for you, but with a little tweak, fetch can be great for your health and fitness as well. Each time you throw the ball (or stick, or any other toy), don't just stand there waiting for Rover to bring it back. Jog in place, drop and do a few push-ups, or dip into some lunges. Switch it up each throw to get a well-balanced workout without getting bored. Challenge yourself to outlast your furry friend!

Jogging is another great way to work on your health and fitness with your dog. Dogs in the wild migrate in packs, so running together solidifies your bond with your pooch. Start out slowly so that you can find a comfortable pace that works for both of you. If your pup tries to stop and smell everything at first, don't worry. She'll get used to running after a little while so that you can have a smoother experience. You may even want to sign up for a local 5k9, a 5-kilometre race that allows dogs to participate as well. Having an end goal can keep you motivated to keep running.

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