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Back pain is one of the most common health problems. Following a sedentary lifestyle, constantly sitting in front of a computer and having little to no physical activity are the main causes of back pain, which makes our everyday life more difficult.

Below are some exercises, which can help treat this serious problem. Inspired by the famous Pilates method, they are applicable to all ages and both sexes.

1.Prone Back Extension

Start with a facedown position, both hands by your sides with palms facing up and loose, slightly open legs. Gently lift your shoulders off the floor. Repeat 10 times.

backpain_1_1 backpain_1_2

2.Chest Lift / Abdominal (for the lower part of the back)

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and legs slightly bent. Breathe in and, while breathing out, lift your head off the floor, keeping your elbows open. Take another breath and gently move your head back to the floor. Repeat 10 times.

backpain_2_1 backpain_2_2

3.The Marionette

While sitting on a box or a chair, with arms open by your side and elbows slightly bent, inhale and, while exhaling, bring your arms together to the front, parallel to each other. Repeat 10 times.

backpain_3_1 backpain_3_2

4.Spine Tiltback

Start by sitting on a box or a chair, cross-legged, with both hands open by your sides and palms facing to the front. Inhale and, while breathing out, stretch your core to the back, but only until a point where you can feel no pressure. Repeat 10 times.

backpain_4_1 backpain_4_2

5.The Cat

Start on all fours, core parallel to the floor. Inhale and, while breathing out, lift your back and gently push your head and pelvis down. Take another breath and, while breathing out, push your core down, while lifting your head and pelvis up. Repeat 5 times.

backpain_5_1 backpain_5_2

For more inspiration and ideas to relieve your back pain, contact our Personal Trainers, or simply book an appoitment for a back pain relief treatment in the SPA.

Kostas Antonatos
Pilates Instructor
Holmes Place Athens, Greece

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