Joining a Running Club: What You'll Need and How You Will Benefit

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Joining the right type of running club for your ability level and running goals is key for your success with the group. Some running groups are geared toward beginners and non-runners while other groups are more elite. Do your research ahead of time to avoid getting weighed down by the wrong type of group. Try to talk to the contact person for the group as well as some of the runners in the group. If you aren't comfortable in a group, don't be afraid to try another group. There is nothing wrong with switching clubs to accommodate your current ability and goals as well. For example, if you've exhausted your beginners group and are ready for a club with a more competitive edge, seek out elite clubs in the area. By utilizing these running tips for women interested in joining a club, you're maximizing your chances of finding a good one.

Benefits of Running Clubs

Running clubs are a great way to meet like-minded people with similar goals and lifestyles. You'll gain friends to compare notes on races and events and simply talk about all things running. While your family may not be interested in hearing about your blisters or new training regiment, other runners will be fascinated. The friendships you form in your running club may also foster team spirit, which will improve your collective ability during a team race or other competitive event.

When you're running by yourself, it's easy to stagnate and run miles simply to run miles without focusing on improving your speed or fitness. A running club helps you remain focused on intentional training, even when you have no personal motivation. When you have to dig down a little deeper to push yourself to keep up with the group, ultimately the workout will be more fulfilling. Make sure to find a running group with similar goals and abilities to avoid overtraining, which can lead to injuries.

Improved Technique
Getting running tips for women from the coach or trainer for your club as well as the other runners is invaluable. Running without any idea what you're doing increases your chances of getting injured and developing improper technique that may take years to correct. Learning the right way to run and taking advice from seasoned runners helps you prevent mistakes and stay on top of your technique before problems become severe.

Running requires discipline. Building and maintaining running skills requires running a minimum of three to four times per week. When you're part of a running club, you're much more likely to show up and run. You'll also be more accountable for your long-term running goals, such as entering a half marathon or marathon. Once you've put it out there that you're going to participate in a running event, you'll feel more compelled to achieve your goal.

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