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Lack of Time

It might be the most common reason why you skip your daily exercise, but it is no longer an excuse. In order to make the most out of your workout, you don’t need several hours per day. Just practice the “30 minute rule”. Thirty minutes of physical exercise 2 - 3 times a week is enough to improve your well being and help you maintain your silhouette. Remember: quality is what really matters, not quantity.

Lack of Motivation

If you find it hard to put yourself into the right mental state, exercise is the best solution. Fitness trainers might be paying more attention to body health, but it has been proven that physical exercise is great for mental health too. You might have noticed yourself that, after a workout, you have regained the necessary self-control and tranquility that you were missing during a hard day at the office. Exercise helps to clear the mind more than anything else. And remember: enjoy the journey! Every workout is another step towards your fitness goal.


Workout Boredom

This is a very common and understandable phenomenon: as routine crepes in, you might be getting bored with your workout. So, what can you do? In order to succeed, you need to introduce variety into your exercise program. Try new techniques with your gym instructor, methods that you were not familiar with or that you were a bit skeptical about. How many times in your life have you regretted trying something new? Technology and science develop everyday, and the same is true for fitness. So, be brave, get out of your comfort zone and in the end, physical exercise will be no longer an obligation but a way of life!

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Neapoli Karousi
Master Trainer
Holmes Place Glyfada, Greece

Posted in Fitness