Should you stop training when you are pregnant?

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Historically, recommendations given to pregnant women regarding physical activity were frequently based on social or cultural criteria, rather than on proven scientific evidence. Thus, in 1950 they were recommended to make short walks of 1-2 km every day and not to practice sports. In 1985, with the boom of physical exercise, the practice of aerobics for pregnant women began to be recommended. Due to the ever-greater numbers of actively exercising women, less conservative recommendations were adopted in 1994, as long as the pregnant woman is healthy and there are no complications in the pregnancy. There is no evidence to recommend withholding from physical activity during pregnancy, as long as it is under medical control and the supervision of a professional in the field of physical activity.

Pregnant yoga

Pregnant women should exercise for the multiple beneficial effects:

  • a better understanding of breathing
  • an improvement in the circulatory system
  • reduction of the degree of stress and tension
  • toning of the abdomen and limbs
  • improved flexibility of the spine

Physical exercise professionals should take into account the specific circumstances of the pregnant woman when advising on the type of activity to be carried out, as well as the stage of pregnancy the woman is in.

In addition, there are certain medical conditions that require medical prescription or authorisation before doing physical exercise: multiple pregnancies in the third quarter, breech presentation of the baby, ligamentous laxity and articular mobility.

In short, it has been acknowledged that exercising during pregnancy has more positive than negative effects, as long as it is carried out under the supervision of an expert. Therefore, I recommend you to continue enjoying your training during these marvellous months.

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Alfonso Donoso Rivas
Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Alegra , Spain

Posted in Fitness