Special Workout: Stretching

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These specific workouts have the potential to work all your body areas and main muscle sets and they come in four main types.

Static stretching is done with no insistence, much like in yoga asanas, leading the muscles do elongate to the point of tension but not forcing them any further, eliminating movement and insistence.

Dynamic Stretching is a type of stretch that derives from movement; in controlled slow motions the muscles are stretched until their maximum tension point.

PNF stretches (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) are exercises that focus on one particular muscle, or set of muscles being worked at any particular stage, using resistance and releasing with relaxation. This helps prevent injuries and aid in rehabilitation.

Ballistic stretching comprehends the movement involved that generates momentum taking the muscles to stretch as a reaction to a specific motion.

Increased flexibility and elasticity are the most direct results of stretching and these can help you perform better in other areas, from running to jumping. Stretching before you exercise can reduce the risk of injury, improve blood flow, lubricate the joints and aid the muscles to relax. Effective stretching can also increase range and amplitude of movement and promote muscle tissue growth.

Stretches for before or after your workout:

  • On your back – pull each leg upright alternately.
  • On fours – grab each foot alternately behind your back and pull upwards.
  • Wall plank, with elbow support and reaching for the seeling.
  • Lunge and rotate sideways both sides.

Posted in Fitness