The 10 best tips from our trainers

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We asked our Trainers to give us their top 10 exercise and wellness tips based on their many years of experience ... Here they are!

  1. "Regular exercise along with a balanced diet will help you maintain wellness and weight loss for life."

Pari Christofidou, Gym Manager, Holmes Place Athens

  1. "Make your routine unique and exercise in the water. The joints are not jolted, making movement much easier. Temperature, buoyancy, and resistance to hydrostatic pressure are some of the properties that make water gymnastics doubly beneficial for the body."

Christina Georgiou, Gym Manager, Holmes Place Glyfada

  1. "We always do a good warm up before we start our workout, mainly to avoid possible injuries."

Georgia Kouremenou, Personal Trainer, Holmes Place Athens

  1. "Work on your technique to perfect your swimming style and train yourself to use float bands to strengthen the upper part of your body."

Katerina Kouvarnta, Personal Trainer, Holmes Place Maroussi

  1. "One or two exercises per day for each muscle group will build solid foundations for physical and mental health."

Municipality Karatzas, Personal Trainer, Holmes Place Athens


  1. "After several days of not training, give your body a little time to adjust. This is called the “progression principle.”

Stavros Panagopoulos, Personal Trainer, Holmes Place Maroussi

  1. "Burning fat is not only achieved through aerobic exercise. Resistance training is equally important for those who aim to reduce fat and increase metabolism."

Manto Lagana, Personal Trainer, Holmes Place Athens

  1. "Believe in yourself, love your body, and set realistic goals."

Vaso Dimitropoulou, Personal Trainer, Holmes Place Maroussi

  1. "The most effective combination to get ripped abs is: the right abdominal exercises, aerobic exercise and, of course, a balanced diet."

Despina Karakitsou, Personal Trainer, Holmes Place Athens

  1. "It's easier to achieve our goal when we focus on the process rather than the result. For example, do not set a goal to lose 5 pounds, but instead aim to work out 3 times a week and follow a diet that will give you the energy you need. The results will eventually come!"

Alexandra Provatidou, Gym Manager, Holmes Place Maroussi

Feel free to share with us any of your tips or favorite statements that help you to be motivated every day! Contact any of the Personal Trainers from your club if you would like to have more help with achieving your goal.

Holmes Place Team

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