The Game of Thrones Workouts

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See which ones are the perfect match for you and tell us whom would you add to our list.

Daenerys Targaryan
Dragon-keeping is a hard exercise that will keep you in tip-top shape - but it is a little out of our reach. The ‘mother’ could enjoy the heat of the spa in the sauna after an anti-gravity class. Aerial yoga will give you that nice feeling off lying on the back of your dragons and flying over the conquered territories.

Cersei Lannister
The Cersei workout is an hour of intense fitness repetitions with time for abs and cross fit to get you ready to face all those terrible nuisances that request Your Majesty’s attention. Endurance is needed to overcome enemies and conquer back you place in the realm.

Tyrion Lannister
No way we’ll be missing on some sort of ‘crossbow practice’ so any target sport will be on top of our Tyrion’s list. Other suggestions to relieve you from daily frustrations are Yoga and Pilates to help you focus on the long journey ahead.

Sansa Stark
She is always on the move, but with her luck she should probably start running. Track training - practicing both endurance and resistance is the best way way to make sure you have the ability to overcome the hardships... or at least make for it as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Arya Stark
Controlling your mind with meditation and yoga practice is a must to get by the House of the Undying. Playing the game of black and white means controlling your emotions, focusing on the present time and striving to get to a place where you discover happiness and a meaningful life can only be found in you.

Jamie Lannister
For Sir Jamie a Spartans or Warrior class would be a top choice, exploring endurance and strength. A combination with cardio and weights may come in ‘handy’ (no pun intended... okay maybe a little).

Margaery Tyrell
No plot is better conceived then when you get two minds to work on it. So there is no better training to conquer the throne in King’s Landing than the one done with the right support of a personal trainer.

John Snow
The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch may or may not be coming back (he knows nothing, and in this particular neither to we) but he sure could put up a fight. For both warming up and fighting the cold as well as wildlings Boxing, Kickboxing and all martial arts classes are on the list.

Melisandre, the Red Priestess
You need to keep your cool with all that birthing-shadows, people-burning goings-on and red magic you do all the time: Tai-Chi should give you enough quiet of the mind and body. The meditation in movement of the class has also conquered the world and ‘evangelized’ fans in all continents - so it will pair rightly with your ambitions to convert the seven kingdoms of Westeros to the faith.

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