Three great reasons to try Euphoria

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Three great reasons to try Euphoria, Holmes Place, Group classes, woman dancing

Hands up if you’re finding fitness a chore rather than an enjoyable experience? Many of us feel that exercise is just another tick-box process that needs doing to keep our body healthy. Well, yawn no more and try Euphoria by Holmes Place.

You’re at that stage where, over the years, the list of gym classes you’ve tried is as long as your arm. And still, nothing's got you coming out in a sweat of excitement. That’s because you’ve never tried Euphoria by Holmes Place.


Euphoria is an exciting group dance workout, designed and choreographed by qualified staff at Holmes Place to keep you interested, motivated, fit and happy. So why’s this class different to everything else you’ve tried?


Reasons to try Euphoria

1.    It’s the perfect blend of fitness and fun

It’s called Euphoria for a reason. According to The Cambridge Dictionary (who nobody is going to argue with), the definition of euphoria is “extreme happiness, sometimes more than is reasonable in a particular situation”. That’s Euphoria group classes, through and through. The class was born to the idea that workouts need to be enjoyable and make us want to keep coming back for more. It’s structured to enhance your enjoyment to the point that you’ll forget that it’s really a workout. Whatever tune you’re strutting your stuff to, Euphoria will make you grin like there’s a party on your face.

2.    It’s music to your ears

The benefits of exercising to music have been known for centuries. Look deeper into it and you’ll find the term mousike is derived from the Ancient Greek term expressing a form of art to movement, sound and expression. Hang on, you’re thinking, don’t most dance classes play music? Of course they do. Many times, however, these classes play the same song list time and time again, ‘til they have you dancing out of the gym with boredom.

Here at Holmes Place, there’s no monotony when it comes to choice of music in Euphoria classes. Variation is key to this felicific, full-body fitness experience. The 45-minute dance features 10 different body-popping songs to several different styles, which are fun to get to grips with. But don’t get too complacent - the routines changes regularly to keep you on your toes and rid you of any doubting thoughts of boredom.  

3.    Variety is the spice of life

The humdrum of those same-old dance classes is a thing of the past. No one wants to dance to the same beat, with the same moves, all of the time. That’s where Euphoria is different. To confuse your brain into believing that this full-body workout is pure fun (which isn’t hard) Euphoria classes are planned, choreographed and implemented every three months, bringing in variation and new interesting challenges. This three-month cycle of class changes are structured to wake up your body and brain, with some predictability to blast your cardio, coordination and balance.

Euphoria by Holmes Place is like nothing you’ve tried before. Freshen up your fitness and book a class with us today. Careful - it’s addictive!

Posted in Fitness and tagged Fitness, Classes, Holmes Place, Euphoria, Dance, Group Classes.