Three swim-faster workouts for summer

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A workout in water blitzes calories (around 500 per hour), boosts your metabolism and builds muscle. Plus, it doesn’t put any stress on your joints. What more could you want?

That beach-ready body is almost in sight - just try these swim workouts and you’ll be all set for the summer season. Try to aim to workout in the pool three to four times a week.

1. Beginners freestyle
Keep things simple, with a workout focused on freestyle. Using this technique helps keep boredom at bay and mixes up muscle use; alternate between breaststroke and backstroke throughout.

  1. First, warm up with 4 lengths of the pool at an easy pace.
  2. Swim four lengths at a moderate pace, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
  3. Add a kickboard into the mix. Swim with it for 4 lengths, remembering to keep your head in the water and breathing side-to-side.
  4. Cool down, with 4 lengths of the pool at a light pace.

2. Kick it out
Crank up the intensity, by adding in different pieces of equipment; it’ll help vary the workout (and scupper any feelings of tiredness).

  1. Begin your workout with a warm up, swimming 4 lengths of the pool at an easy pace. This time, try to stick to breaststroke.
  2. Next, grab a pair of fins and swim 6 lengths in them. The equipment will help you to move through the water at ease, so you can keep the focus on your swim technique.
  3. Trade the fins for a kickboard and swim 6 lengths with it. It’ll help you engage your core and keep your focus on your flutter kicks.
  4. Cool down with 4 lengths of the pool at a light pace.

3. Pound the pyramid
Help build your aerobic fitness, by pushing your body to the maximum.

  1. Warm up with 4 gentle laps of the pool.
  2. Go for a pyramid set, building up to a longer swim that increases in difficulty. The key? Make sure you keep your technique controlled. Work from 25m to 50m to 75m, then back down from 75m to 50m to 25m.
  3. Finish your workout with 4 lengths of the pool at a light pace.

One thing to remember? Recovery is key post-swim. You’ll most likely feel ravenous so to kickstart your recovery, eat something healthy within one hour of your workout.

Ideally, your body needs essential nutrients to aid the growth and repair process so the best snacks to indulge in are protein-heavy with carbohydrate too. Protein helps prevent muscle soreness and provides key amino acids for growth and repair. While some people try to avoid carbs, they are your main fuel source - and you’ll need refueling post-workout.

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