Warm-Up Routine Before Cardio Training

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A good warm-up increases the heart and respiratory rate, prepares your cardiovascular system and muscular system for training. Find out why warming up is neccessary in our article about the basic elements of training.

Stretching must also be part of any pre-training or fitness class as it prepares your body for a pleasant and healthy exercise session.

Be inspired by these three simple but effective warm-up exercises:

1. Step up stairs - basic steps on the step or BOSU. Alternate left and right foot just like when you go up the stairs.

2. Jump rope - for more fun and variety, change styles.

3. Scissor-legs - alternate legs in a jump, right and left leg simultaneously.


The goal of every sport activity is the pleasant feeling of exhaustion and good fun. Therefore, be sure to exercise regularly. The feeling of endorphins pumping through your body is worth the effort!

So get started and, if you have any additional questions, contact our Personal Trainers.

Petra Jandová
Regional Fitness Manager
Holmes Place Czech Republic

Posted in Fitness