Warm up routine on the slope

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Without a good warm-up, each skiing session carries a high risk of injury. Just a few simple exercises are enough to be more comfortable and safer on the slope.
A proper warm-up not only prepares the muscles and joints for the effort, but is also an effective method of preventing injury. Follow those few simple ideas and enjoy the ride.

First – a few words about safety

Warm-up can be performed both at the bottom and on top of the slope. However, be aware of the basic safety rules:

  • Find a place on the sidelines, clear of other skiers' routes,
  • The slope in the chosen place should be reasonably flat,
  • Your skis and sticks should all be in one visible place, placed across the slope.

Warm-up routine:

1.LEG MUSCLES WARM-UP – General warm-up: dynamic, alternating knee lifting, 3 sets of 10 reps per leg, left and right

2.BODY TWISTS (BODY AND ARMS MUSCLES WARM-UP) – deep torso twists with rollbacks next to a wall at arm's reach, feet should stay still, 2 sets of 10 reps on the left and right side

3.LEG MUSCLES, QUADRICEPS WARM-UP – stretching: stride forward with a short stop, left leg 10 reps, leg right 10 reps

4.ARMS, BACK WARM-UP – stretching: deep leans to the side with a short stop, arms above head, 2 sets of 8 reps for each side

5.LEG MUSCLES, BICEPS WARM-UP – stretching: end of the ski stuck in the snow in front of you, deep leans towards the ski, short stop, 5 reps per leg

For more information how to prepare for the ski season and what is best just for you, please contact our Personal Trainers.

Benjamin Burda
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Premium Hilton Hotel, Poland

Posted in Fitness