Why is the Last 10 Minutes of Stretching After a Studio Class is Important?

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Stretching includes exercises designed to stretch the muscles and increase flexibility and balance between the muscles, which is extremely important for maintaining good posture. This type of training also contributes to the development of flexibility, increases the range of motion in the joints, and also significantly improves motor coordination. At the end of your training, stretching allows you to restore the pulse to its original value, helps to shrink muscles and prevents the consolidation of the muscle tension.

Stretching should be an integral part of your sports activities. It does not require any hardware; these exercises can be performed in virtually any location. Keep in mind though not to exceed your individual capabilities. Do not compare yourself to other people and do not compete. Some are just better than others at stretching, for some people it naturally comes harder.

Let us remember that the end of the workout is the point from which we start rebuilding our strength and preparing for the next workout. Therefore, you must take care not only to perform a good warm-up, also take time to stretch, because this part of the training is not without significance for your future results.


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Lidia Zamyłko
Business Studio Manager
Holmes Place Poland

Posted in Fitness