Why should I train with the swiss ball?

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Swiss ball is a large inflatable ball, that was used to great effect by Swiss physiotherapists before it made into fitness centers around the world. This exercise ball is used to support proper posture and maintain muscular balance. It not only improves your flexibility, but also strenghtens the cardiovascular system.

The advantage of exercising on a Swiss Ball is that it is suitable for all ages and doesn‘t depend on your fitness level. Intensity of exercise is up to you. It's possible to strengthen and stretch and it is also a type form of exercise recommended for pregnant women.

Advantages of using the Swiss ball:

1.Strengthening and stretching the deep stabilizing muscles of the head, torso, back, abdominal muscles and the muscles of the pelvic floor.

2.Exercise ball is suitable for athletes who practice sports with unilateral specialization. It compensates for the unilateral effort found in tennis, canoeing, cycling, etc.

3.It effectively and quickly develops your motor skills, balance, strength, mobility and breathing,


4.Exercising on the ball improves the function of internal organs, strengthens muscles throughout the body and enforces the correct exercise habit.

5.Exercising on a large ball helps to develop and maintain joint mobility.

6.The round ball forces us to swing, bounce and roll about in different positions. This cheerful, playful exercise can eliminate stress, headaches and back pain.

The conclusion is the same as for all physical activities: consult an expert in advance, especially if you practice on a Swiss Ball for the first time . It is important to choose the right size and density of the ballthat suits your needs. Contact our personal trainers for the advice.

Lucie Oliveriusová
Holmes Place Czech Republic

Posted in Fitness