Why Train Using a Trampoline?

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The trampoline’s effectiveness is due to the fact that it enables low impact cardiovascular work. At the trampoline’s base, is an elastic surface that absorbs energy while at the same time, creates a force that moves you upward. This involves great muscular action and the subsequent loss of body fat. What’s more, it is a fun training because it enables jumping, running and other movements to be done in a non-routine manner.

The key to success is how you do it. It is recommended to use all the exercise techniques and carry out all multiple variants. Some tips are given below.


  • Running in place
  • Changing rhythms
  • Race technique using the three types of skipping: 1. Knees up high. 2. Heels to buttocks. 3. Legs stretched out.


  • Jumps and rebounds on two legs or on one.
  • Jumps moving arms up and down


Using weights, medicine ball, elastics, ropes and any variety of extra equipment available, as long as it allows you to maintain a proper postural control.

Please remember however that training on a trampoline has its hazards and limitations. You must also take into account that each person is different, hence the importance of getting personalised advice from a physical training professional. Get in touch with our expert Personal Trainers for more information on the best way to train on a trampoline that will be suitable for you.

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Cristian Lucero
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place La Moraleja, Spain

Posted in Fitness