4 Wellness Specials, die Sie als Holmes Place Mitglied kostenlos nutzen können

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Stuck in the city for the summer? Maybe it's time to enjoy some free SPA and indulge in your Club's summer mood.

One of the biggest perks of a Holmes Place membership is having access to all of our spa facilities. From our carefully-designed jacuzzis to life-restoring saunas, each refreshing free spa facility has been designed to leave you relaxed and replenished from the inside out: whether you’re post-workout, taking a break from a busy schedule or indulging in a little self-care. So what exactly do we offer, and what are the benefits?


Here are 3 things you need to know before using the Turkish bath, the jacuzzi or the sauna.

Free spa facility #1: Jacuzzi

Let your muscles be sore no more with the help of a Holmes Place jacuzzi. Far more than just a hi-tech bubble bath, jacuzzis are renowned for their ability to abate your sports-inspired aches and pains. Simply twist the part of your body that needs relief - perhaps your feet if you’ve been running or back if you’ve been lifting weights - towards the high-pressure jets, and let the water knead the soreness from your muscles. It’s like a deep tissue massage (only wetter). 


Free spa facility #2: Turkish Bath 

Ornate and effective, Turkish baths are one of the most in-demand forms of hydrotherapy around and it’s not hard to see why. Due to their heat, bathers profit from improved circulation, which soothes joint pains and localised soreness. In addition, the steaminess of a turkish bath acts as a great beautifier. Because you’re encouraged to sweat, your body sheds harmful toxins and your pores open up and purify, resulting in cleaner skin and relief for conditions such as dermatitis and acne. Even after the quickest of dips, you’ll glow like newly-polished gold. 


Free spa facility #3: Sauna 

Ever thought you could lose weight just by sitting down? In our free saunas, you can. The dry heat in a sauna encourages your body to sweat, which detoxifies your skin and body and helps you to shed excess water weight for a slimmer figure. It increases your core temperature, too, which pushes your body to work harder and burn more calories.


Beneficial and relaxing, saunas also encourage your body to go into the ‘parasympathetic state’, which decreases your stress levels.

Wondering where to go after your workout? Find out what are the main differences between Sauna and Turkish bath.


Free spa facility #4: Swimming Pool 

If you have a bit of energy left after working out - or just want a little respite from the hot summer sun - take a dip in our spa’s pool. Swimming is a low-impact activity that’s good for your heart rate, alleviates stress, increases your endurance and tones your muscles - an all-round win. 

Along with free access to the pool, we offer a range of aqua classes at Holmes Place, including hydrotherapy and family-focused options. Find a class that suits you on our website. 

We offer other treatments, too

While all of the above are free to use for Holmes Place members, you can benefit from other beauty and relaxation treatments at our clubs, too. Try full body scrubs, cleansing therapies, laser treatments, massages, beauty fixes, acupuncture and more at our various locations around Europe: the perfect way to treat yourself. 

Which spa facility do you swear by? Let us know over at our Facebook page.

Posted in Lifestyle, Wellness and tagged SPA, Wellness, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Swimming Pool, turkish bath.