How to avoid holiday season mistakes?

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It’s that time of year again: sleep, eat, drink, repeat. To avoid getting caught up in those temptations yet again, here are a few ideas to keep you motivated over the Christmas period

Giving in to temptation, losing your exercise mojo and feeling the strain of shopping season can all contribute to repeating the same mistakes you did last year. From that extra glass of wine to the stress of getting everything ready for the 25th, follow our smart seasonal tips to enjoy your festive holiday and avoid falling into the same pitfalls as last year.

Mistake number 1: Overeating

It’s that old chestnut again. Who can blame us for overeating when everywhere around us are Christmas adverts flogging luxurious, tempting morsels we should try? TV commercials showcase miles of party food, mouthwatering puddings and indulgent tipples - it’s all part of the season, isn’t it? 

At this time of year food, indulgence is made to appear more of a demand than a decision. This is where we pause and consider it as a decision. Relax and give yourself some slack during the season, but remember that extra chocolate is your choice (and how much more effort you’ll need to put in at the gym to get back on track post-Christmas). Try to follow these basic guidelines to avoid falling into the overeating trap:

● Know your sweet-tooth or savoury weaknesses and try to avoid them. 

● Consider your portion sizes.

● Eat fewer courses. 

● Retain healthy eating for the majority of the festive season and speak to your Holmes Place nutritionist if you need extra guidance or motivation.

Mistake number 2: Exercise

Like the old song says: “Baby it’s cold outside”. But that doesn’t mean your health and fitness freezes. During the coldest season of the year, it’s easy to look out of the window and allow the frost and snow to coerce you into hibernation rather than following your usual exercise regime. 

The days are darker for longer, so getting outside to exercise helps avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) caused by lack of sun, activity and good nutrition. Don’t be a grizzly bear, be a gym bunny: wear plenty of layers for the gym and wrap up warm after exercise. Now get out there and grab that much-needed vitamin D.

Mistake number 3: Alcohol

’Tis the season to be jolly - whether that’s at the office party, visiting family, going to the bar with friends or celebrating Christmas Day and New Year, it would appear that alcohol is always involved. Adverts, again, play a part - plastering irresistible offers in local supermarkets. But we need to put a plan in place before we drink and remember it’s a choice, not a necessity. Not only do we need to think about alcohol’s effect on our health, but also the calorific downside to it (one small glass of white wine contains 85 calories).

If you don’t want to drink, take the car so you have an excuse when slurring adults question your reason for not having a few sherries. If you feel like you are missing out by not having alcohol then try a lovely mocktail. If you do choose to drink alcohol, then plan ahead and make sure you stick to the limit you have set yourself. 

Mistake number 4: Stress

Shopping, wrapping, arrangements, preparation, cooking, cleaning… and that’s just Christmas Day. On top of all that you have your job, commuting and organising the kids. Monitor your feelings and practice meditation. While the world is full steam ahead on the Polar Express, take time to set time aside just for you - even if it’s only a few minutes each day. Plan your day, sticking to that itinerary and delegating tasks where possible. If you want to truly unwind, grab a Zen moment at Holmes Place Wellness and Spa.

Mistake number 5: Guilt

So you ate too much? Drank too much? Skipped the gym? Spent too much money? Stayed out too late? Gave up your New Year’s Resolution? So what! Be self-forgiving and move on. If you ate too much, start your healthy eating regime again. If you drank too much, get back on the wagon and consider a detox program or simply not drinking weekdays. If you missed the gym, get back in there today - you’re just one workout away from a good mood. Getting back on track to the healthy you will be achievable again in no time - there’s never a bad time to start.

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