Stress-free under the Christmas tree

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With the yearly Christmas celebration comes the usual stress. But it does not have to be that way. We have some tips and tricks how to avoid the stress and enjoy the festive season to the fullest.

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We celebrate Christmas every single year. And even though, it seems like we never start the preparations early enough and always end up being stressed, with a lot of things to do and no idea where to start. Some do not have the slightest idea what to gift their beloved, others do know exactly, but everything is already sold out. For many, an advent calendar is an essential part of the Christmas season – but what to put inside? Haribo or chocolate? Something hand-made or something bought? And what to put on the table on Christmas Eve? Should you be sending out Christmas cards this year? And the most important question: Will we have a white Christmas? 

With all this stress we often and easily forget what it is all about: Contemplation. We got 6 tips to help you get smoothly through the Advent time and enjoy the Christmas celebration to the fullest. 

1. The Classic: To-do list 

A classic to-do list is a useful way to start and to get an overview of everything that needs to be organized and to be taken care of:

  • Advent Calendar
  • St. Nicholas Day
  • Christmas presents
  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas decoration & tree
  • Christmas baking & handicrafts
  • Christmas meal & visits

After the creation of such a list, you can go into detail and ask yourself the following questions:

Advent Calendar

  • Who will receive an advent calendar?
  • Should I buy one or create one by myself?
  • What to put inside of the calendar?
  • Where do I get all the material? In a shop or online?


  • Who do I want to give a present to?
  • What do they like?

You need inspiration? We have a great selection of sporty gift ideas for you.


The festive meal

  • Who do I invite?
  • What will I cook and bake?
  • Are persons suffering from allergies, diabetic, vegetarians or vegans among the guests?
  • Do I have to pre-order some of the ingredients?

Tip: Write a shopping list early enough to make sure you don’t forget anything and won’t have a nasty surprise on Christmas.

Keep the list always updated. If you already bought some of the ingredients, strike them out of the list. If you think of something else that has to be done, add it to the list. This is the best way to ensure a relaxed Christmas celebration. A digital list comes very handy, as you automatically carry it around with you wherever you go. There are also various Apps that help you structure your to-do list in the best way and allow to share to-dos with friends or with your partner. Have you already tried the Wunderlist App?

2. Schedule?

Once you have created the to-do list, you have a clear overview on everything that has to be done, can estimate how much time you need for each bullet point and plan what you need to do first. To avoid a bulk of tasks a few days before Christmas Eve, write down clear deadlines in your calendar. This strategy allows you to work off your list systematically and make sure you don’t forget anything. Time planning is crucial for organizing a smooth Christmas. 

3. Delegate

Remind yourself that you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Engage your partner, friend, brother or sister into the planning and the preparations. Delegate some tasks to take some weight of your shoulders. Make sure to reserve some time for yourself, to relax, to breath, to reflect and to enjoy the Christmas season. Christmas is not just about Christmas eve. Do you need some inspiration? What about a relaxed afternoon at our SPA or a powerful workout to free your mind? Get yourself a free day-pass and reload your energy levels at Holmes Place. 

4. Teamwork

Let your partner, friends or family members help you. To do the shopping, baking and wrapping of presents together, is double the fun. A cup of mulled wine and some Christmassy music on the side will make you forget all the stress and help you get into the festive mood.

5. Keep it simple

Christmas is not about the number of presents or the 6-course menu. What counts is being together with your loved ones. Instead of missing out the entire celebration because you are in the kitchen preparing a lavish menu, think about what exactly you can and want to cook without spending the entire time in kitchen. 

6. Say “no”

Have the courage to say “no” sometimes. The Christmas season is usually packed with social obligations such as Christmas parties, gatherings at the Christmas market, parties in the office, mulled wine dates…you know what we are talking about. It is basically impossible to keep up with all these obligations while at the same time preparing everything for the Christmas celebration itself. Instead of rushing from one party to another, attend only a few selected ones and really enjoy them. It is absolutely ok to take a step back and use the time as it feels best for you. 

These tips may appear basic, but it is exactly these obvious things that most people forget when being overwhelmed by Christmas preparations and the pressure to create a perfect feast. Follow some of our tips and you can be sure to get through the preparations more relaxed.

That said, we wish you a happy and relaxed festive season! 

Posted in Lifestyle and tagged Stress, Christmas, Holidays, santa claus.