Why New Year’s resolutions don't work

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Struggling to make your well-intended goals a reality, year after year after year? Here’s what you’re doing wrong - and the best ways to make New Year’s resolutions truly stick.

How many times have you made a New Year’s Resolution only for it to fail within minutes, hours, days or weeks? If your answer is “every year” then you’re part of the estimated 80% of people who also give up and feel as though they’ve failed. So why aren’t they working for you - and, seemingly, everyone else?

1. You’re being too rigid 

Look at the Oxford Dictionary definition of resolution and you’ll find that it’s ‘a firm decision to do or not to do something, the quality of being determined or resolute.’ Alarm bells: resolute is such a strong word. Now let’s look at the word itself: take away the ‘re’ and we have ‘solution’. Yet how many of us look at this as an unwritten rule that we all must abide with, rather than the ‘solution’ to changes we require? The key to achieving your New Year’s ‘solution’ is flexibility - don’t let rigidity get in the way of progress. If you feel you’re not suceeding then look at the method you’re using and re-evaluate it to something less demanding and more achievable for you. It’s your own personal resolution, after all. 

2. Size really does matter

When thinking about your New Year’s resolution, don’t think big. Big is indicative of failure when it comes to making new change. How many times have we heard people say “small steps”? This applies to New Year’s resolutions too. If your aspirations for 2019 are too large, then there’s a lot more room for defeat.

3. Take it easy on yourself

From health to finance, it’s likely that your resolution from last year is the same as this years - and many previous resolutions. Guess what? You failed again! Guilt and shame go hand-in-hand here. For the majority of us, our New Year’s resolutions are about eating healthier, exercising more or saving money. All of which are tremendously difficult to achieve at any time of the year, yet alone after Christmas. So, move your goal posts. If you feel you’ve failed then just tell yourself that you’ll try again later - the guilt will only hinder your motivation.

4. It’s short term and not a life change 

The majority of people will focus on health changes for a New Year’s Resolution - and that’s brilliant. Eating healthier, doing more exercise, quitting smoking, being more mindful… all are practices that enhance our lives. However, these should be just that - part of our lifestyle and not short-term goals to achieve simply because it’s the start of a new year. If you’re struggling to make fitness a permanent fixture in your life, our personal trainers are invaluable when it comes to reaching your New Year’s goals. If you know friends or family who would also benefit from a membership then speak to them to help them achieve their own personal fitness aspirations - there’s strength in numbers and working out with those you love is a lot more inspiring.

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Posted in Lifestyle and tagged New Year, Healthy, LIfestyle, Habits, Resolutions.