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Five ways to boost your protein intake

Why should you care about making sure you get plenty of protein in your diet? Here’s the muscle-building nutrient explained - plus five ways to boost your intake.
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6 Tasty Fast Food Ideas for Spring

Check out these 6 healthy fast food alternatives that are not only full of fresh flavour, but are also good for body and soul. Enjoy!

Everything you need to know about testosterone

We all want to know what’s going on beneath our skin. From the food we eat to the chemicals in our washing powder, there are a number of factors that can affect our hormones. To better understand these magic chemical messengers, we must first know what role they place in the first place.
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5 ways to treat yourself without wrecking your diet

There’s a thin line between treating yourself and going overboard, but it is possible to reward yourself with the foods you love without leading to weight gain.

3 best DIY post-workout drinks

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How exercise tells the brain to curb appetite by M.D. Thordis Berger

Hunger is a complex phenomenon. Learn how exercise can help control appetite and how this supports your fitness goals.