6 Tasty Fast Food Ideas for Spring

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Healthy Snacks

Check out these 6 healthy fast food alternatives that are not only full of fresh flavour, but are also good for body and soul. Enjoy!

1. Almonds with dried cranberries

A clear winner when it comes to healthy fast food, almonds are naturally packed with protein, fiber, monounsaturated fat, vitamin E and calcium. Combine the satisfying crunch of the almonds with the soft and tangy taste of anti-oxidant rich dried cranberries; it´s a match made in heaven!


2. Turkey ham and a handful of grapes

Turkey is one of the lower fat meat options so choose a few slices of turkey with some nutrient-rich crunchy green grapes as tasty and refreshing fast food in the spring. Boost your metabolism with this combination of protein and vitamins and minerals.

3. Cottage cheese and raw vegetables to dip

Eating raw vegetables is a great way to ensure that you squeeze plenty of vitamins and minerals into your diet. Pick some carrots, celery sticks and cucumber sticks and dip them in fresh cottage cheese that contains protein and calcium. The perfect fast food if you are stressed and have no time to eat!

4. Hummus with raw vegetables to dip

Hummus is a smooth spread that is not only full of flavour but also full of protein and fibre. Combine that with some raw vegetables and get an antioxidant rich snack that will help you fight off hunger between meals. Home-made hummus if you have the time to make it yourself is one of the healthiest snacks that will leave you feeling both satisfied and full of energy.

5. Small peach and a matchbox sized piece of low fat cheese

Peaches are a nutritional favourite when it comes to making healthy choices. Rich in fibre and with a high water content, they are also rich in vitamin A which will help make your skin glow. With a little bit of cheese to get your protein – you are definitely on to a winner with this flavorsome fast food combo.

6. Hard boiled egg with freshly ground pepper

Rich in unique antioxidants and one of the most nutrient foods on the planet, a hard boiled egg with black pepper is a fantastic snack choice for spring. Sink your teeth into smooth and rich goodness in a shell!

Posted in Nutrition and tagged Supersnacks, Snacks, Healthy Food.