7 perfectly spooky healthy Halloween treats that children and grown ups will love

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Healthy halloween treats

In this article we have put together 7 recipes for healthy and spooky treats to make the Halloween party an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Want to stay healthy this Halloween? Dump the packaged sweets and host a Halloween party that features these delicious (and healthy) treats that children and grown ups will love.

Deliciously Ella

Queen of the healthy desserts, Deliciously Ella has got us inspired with these Halloween Rocky Roads. She says: “The texture is incredible - a mix of gooey and chewy with crunchy bites of baked buckwheat in between.” Made from seeds, dates and cacao, we think these spooky treats will be snapped up in no time.

Chocolate & Carrots

Looking for fun pudding ideas? These spinach monster ice creams by Chocolate & Carrots look perfectly scary, are made from milk (you could substitute for almond milk), spinach and bananas, with a touch of vanilla essence and decorated and served in mini cones. Caroline says: “No way does it taste anything remotely like spinach, but like a decadent banana treat. Plus, no one will suspect spinach. It’s Halloween, I bet they’ll think you just put food colouring in it!”

spinach ice cream

Honest Company

Super mum Jessica Alba’s Honest company develops natural and safe products for babies and children. Their blog features these ooey gooey slime smoothies. Give your children an LA style Halloween with these very healthy smoothies made out of coconut, spinach and vanilla.

Gesunde Halloween Cupcakes


For coeliacs and those with gluten intolerances, Halloween doesn’t have to be a no-go area. These Halloween chocolate cupcakes from Simply Quinoa use coconut flour. According to Alyssa, “Fiber-rich coconut flour is low-carb, low-glycemic and naturally gluten-free, not only making it great for those sensitive to gluten, but also those on a paleo or SCD diet, or those with diabetes.” Superfoods turmeric and sweet potato add a nutritional boost too.

Give your Halloween party a ghostly presence with white chocolate ghosts. The Wholefoods blog has a how-to video to show you how to execute them perfectly. Alongside the treats (white chocolate) are a few healthy tricks that include dried fruits, blueberries and sunflower seeds. They are quick to make and just need chilling for an hour before serving.

Jamie Oliver

Gesunde Halloween Orangen

For a fast fruit fix, The Happy Pear for Jamie Oliver makes these clementine pumpkins. Super quick to prepare it’s an easy way to encourage your family to eat more fruit! Simply use celery to create the stalk and serve on a plate.

Two Healthy Kitchens

More fruit ideas with these Frankenstein-Kiwis from Two Healthy Kitchens. They say: “These Franken-kiwis are an easy, really cute, healthy Halloween treat! And so fun to make - like yummy little Halloween craft projects! They’re perfect for Halloween fruit trays, fun after-school snacks, and as edible Halloween party decorations!”

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