The new food trend: black food

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Schwarze Ananas

They are delicious. And unlike most delicious food, they are also healthy. Rich in vitamins, fibers and minerals, these seven black foods should not miss in your diet.

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Black Food has its origins in the traditional Chinese medicine, in which the color of a food item is assigned to a specific meaning. Black foods are not only particular because of their color, but also because of their fabulous characteristics: they are rich in minerals, trace elements and anthocyanin – a phytochemical that is responsible for the color and functions as an antioxidant. 

We introduce you to a few of those foods, which you should consider including into your diet:

Black sesame 

Black sesame is rich in nutrients such as iron, zinc, proteins and lecithin, which is why it has positive effects on your intestinal flora, bones, teeth, general wellbeing and even enhances your concentration. 

Black garlic

Black garlic gets black due to its natural fermentation process. It has a soft and slightly sticky consistency. But what about the taste? It reminds of plum jam, with a touch of licorice and balsamic vinegar. It has all the health benefits of normal garlic, minus the unpleasant bad breath.

Bild von schwarzem Knoblauch

Beluga lentils

Beluga lentils are rich in proteins, fibers, magnesium, potassium, iron and vitamin B. 

Black rice

Black rice is particularly nutritious. Rich in minerals and trace elements such as zinc, magnesium, phosphor and iron, black rice can reduce inflammations. 

Aronia berries

Aronia berries contain not only large amounts of vitamin A, B, C, K and E, but also minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium. Besides the anthocyanins, they also possess polyphenols, which are presumed to have an antioxidant role as well, and can play a supporting role in fighting rheumatism, arthrosis and diabetes. 

Posted in Nutrition and tagged Black Food, Schwarze Lebensmittel, Superfood, Ernährungstrends.