Enjoy your food without gaining weight

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You must stick to one simple truth: how much food you'll put on a plate depends only on you! Shallow, smaller and dark plates will be helpful. Think of it as an investment: there will be many other occasions in the following months when everyone will want to show off his or her best side, without the extra pounds.

  • Whether you're the host or a guest, try to move as much as possible rather than sit at the table from dawn to dusk. Offer to help in the kitchen or serve food to the table. Serving dishes and cleaning is the best way to avoid overeating.
  • Your mood during the party is very important, and if you happen to be the host, it's connected to the process of preparation, which often takes place in a nervous, tense atmosphere right until the last minute. Make sure that the house or venue has a friendly atmosphere, it will help you avoid holiday gluttony. Also, avoid sitting at the table when you are very hungry.
  • Keep with a regular meal plan – even if you end up eating something not that healthy!
  • During the social or event, have a break whenever possible, mingle if there is a crowd, talk with a friend on the side and remember to drink lots of water.


  • Think of interesting, but neutral topics of conversation at the table. It's hard to eat when you have a lot to say. :-)
  • I’m sure you feel like you need to try every dish on the table, but try to have only 3 different dishes on one plate. Thoroughly chew... and chew, each bite – you'll quickly feel satisfied.
  • You don't need to give up on cakes and desserts, as long as you eat only one sweet dish during the day and not immediately after a meal. Wait for a while and give your body time to digest your dinner.
  • And be aware of one last fact: the biggest problem is usually not the amount of food, but alcohol. Ideally, you should settle for water and juice, but if you can't avoid a few toasts, a dry or semi-dry red wine would be the best choice. Most of all, avoid sweet wines, liqueurs, drinks with Coke, and dark beer. You can have ideally 1 drink with diet Coke, a vodka tonic, or a small lager. Remember that alcohol contains a lot of calories and also boosts the appetite, which is especially dangerous.

1 glass (40 ml) of vodka – 112 kcal
1 glass (4 oz) of brandy – 112 kcal
1 glass of semi-sweet white wine (94kcal)/dry (66 kcal)
1 glass of sweet red wine (104 kcal) / dry red wine (78 kcal)
1 glass of mulled wine with spices – (190 kcal)

If you have more questions, please contact our nutritionists.

Milena Nosek
Nutrition Specialist
Holmes Place Poland

Posted in Nutrition